Tapping Out a Painful Memory from All Senses (2 of 2)

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This is the second and last part of the post. Read part 1 of tapping out a painful memory here.

Now we come to our sense of hearing.

Here are some words to help you focus on the sounds from the incident in question: someone screaming, someone swearing, a loud crash, that low murmur, that straight talk, that tone of voice, that nasal twang, that beep, that honking, that clipped accent and so on…

Karate chop: Even though the sounds from that incident still rankle in my mind, I’m now ready to quieten those sounds and find my peace.

Eyebrow    Those sounds.

Side of the eye    That tone of voice.

Under the eye    That silence.

Under the nose    What they said.

Chin    What I was saying.

Collar bone    My ears are ringing from those sounds.

Under the arm    Those sounds, they are changing.

Top of the head    Almost magically, the sounds are turning down.


Eyebrow    I’m finding it hard to tune into those sounds.

Side of the eye    Those sounds are so muffled now.

Under the eye    Just as well, since I don’t really need to hear them any longer.

Under the nose    I’m turning down the volume even more.

Chin    It sounds like barely a muffle now.

Collar bone    The volume is going down even more.

Under the arm    The sound is drowning in my sigh of relief.

Top of the head    It is so peaceful now.

Now we come to the sense of taste.

It is not necessary to recall what taste you had in your mouth at the time of the incident. If you can recall what you were eating or drinking at that time, that’s good. But focusing on the present sensation in your mouth as you tap along should be fine too.

In the tapping that follows, we are going to focus on the “bitterness” from that hurtful memory.

Karate chop: Even though that incident left a bad taste in my mouth, I’m now ready to spit out all the bitterness and be able to enjoy the sweetness that is life.

Eyebrow    That bitter incident.

Side of the eye    It left a bad taste in my mouth.

Under the eye    This taste. (while focusing on the incident and your mouth)

Under the nose    This taste.

Chin    My mouth is filling up with saliva.

Collar bone    This saliva is dissolving all the bitterness from that incident.

Under the arm    It is cleansing my mouth of all the poison.

Top of the head    Just as well, since I no longer need that bad taste.

Gamut Point    I’m now ready to spit out the bitterness.

Olfactory desensitization from a painful memory

Spit and gargle once and clear your mouth. Spit out the saliva and with force and the intention that you are spitting that incident out of your life. This kind of a dramatic closure tells your mind that its business with the incident is over and that is it free now.

Now we come to the sense of smell. Here are some examples of different smells: alcohol, medicines, someone’s perfume, sweat, chemical fumes, hospital smells, gasoline …

If you cannot recall any smells from that scene, try to recall the smell of any perfumes, colognes, creams or lotions you may have been using around that time. Even if you cannot recall anything, just focus on your nose and breathing and tap along.

Karate chop: Even though it was an obnoxious incident that still makes me wince and prevents me from breathing deeply, I’m now ready to release the reeking memory.

Eyebrow    That obnoxious incident.

Side of the eye    That replusive smell.

Under the eye    That stinking incident.

Under the nose    I’m breathing out the smell of the incident.

Chin    With each breath, my lungs clear up more and more.

Collar bone    I’m breathing out the incident from my system.

Under the arm    The smell of that incident.

Top of the head    With each breath, the smell diffuses.

Gamut Point    It is safe for me to breathe freely.

Let out a deep sigh with the intention that you sense of smell has been cleared of the olfactory memory of that incident.

This kind of tapping involving our senses of smell, hearing, taste can have good implications for allergies that start up after exposure to a stressful event.

For example, if somebody used a certain perfume at the time they were handed the pink slip, they may develop an association of that perfume with the stressful event. This may create an intolerance to the perfume even if prior to the incident they were able to tolerate it perfectly well. So clearing out the charge around these sensory perceptions can be very useful.

It doesn’t have to stop here. If an undesirable memory involved any kind of sensations on the skin, say touching, slapping, injecting or bruising in any way, focusing on that skin sensation and tapping along will definitely help towards dissolving the negative charge around the memory.

The main idea remains to gently desensitize the sense of perception that was strongly taking in the goings on of an undesirable incident.

Please write to me and tell me how this method works for you. I’m going to be tinkering with this method more in the coming days from my own experiences and your feedback.

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