7 Best EFT Tapping Videos to Get Over a Breakup and Attract a Love Relationship

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EFT tapping for love and romantic relationships

EFT tapping videos to attract love and romantic relationships

For today’s post, I thought I should compile some of the best EFT tapping videos that are out there on love and romantic relationships. These videos are meant for you if you are currently looking for the love of your life, or your soul mate, if you will.

I’m not going to dilute the message by calling it universal love or just opening up to receiving more love in general – this post strictly lists tapping videos for attracting romantic, intimate relationships for both men and women.

After scouring through probably hundreds of videos to find the best ones we can use, here are the gems I’ve picked. I’ve arranged them in a certain order. Depending on which stage you are at in your quest for love, you will find more use out of the videos for that stage. Below each video, I’ve included any positive responses that people left after using those videos.

We are starting with a relationship break-up video, because even if you may not be going through a breakup currently, it is possible that you still carry hurt and regret from a past relationship. Clearing that regret and longing will pave the way for more meaningful relationships in the future.

  1. EFT Tapping script to get over a relationship breakup
  2. First up is my own video that will walk you through a detailed tap-along sequence for a relationship breakup. It will help you get closure on the pain, regret, longing and sadness of a breakup. Whether you walked out of the relationship or the other person walked out on you – no matter what happened, you deserve to free yourself from the painful emotions.

    Thank you so much for posting this tool. I was doing good and then after 1 month my ex contacted me with beautiful words and I felt like I went right back to square one. I have been feeling really possessed by my negative emotions in the past few days, what it could have been and this allowed me to release my feelings. I am feeling so much better and relaxed, at peace. thank you so much!

  3. EFT Tapping video to overcome pain of being cheated in a relationship

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  5. EFT Tapping for getting through a relationship break-up
  6. This next one is by Brad Yates. I chose to include this video because it is detailed and covers many aspects of a break-up including regret, rejection, despair; ending with a helpful reframe. Even if some of his tapping phrases do not fit your exact scenario, you will still find relief. And then you can tap away the remaining aspects yourself. The video is over 10 minutes long. But don’t give up before you finish tapping through the whole video.

    You are awesome…….thank you so much. jst out of curiosity, how come i dont feel any emotions anymore while i tap into this? it has become a chore and feels boring. is this usual? the first time was intense, very emotional. thank you again.

  7. EFT Tapping for releasing pain around a relationship break-up and moving on
  8. This video is by Robert Gorick, someone I didn’t know about until today. I especially liked this video since it has a one-on-one session kind of structure to it. He takes you through a tapping session around the actual break-up so you are deeply tuning in as you tap with him.

    He uses the long form of EFT application. If you are not aware of the finger EFT tapping points, just do the rounds using the shortcut EFT tapping points method, and you’ll be fine.

    The session moves slowly, but that is exactly what will give you enough time to mull over your feelings as you tap along. Tapping that goes too fast gives your mind only enough time to interpret the words, and the actual feeling which is so important to the effectiveness of EFT, is lost.

    I Rob,
    I must say…this one hit home really well. I have been trying to just let myself cry out what has happened to me, and it really worked. I really thank you for these videos, and you’re a great man for sharing these with us. Thank you so much again, I won’t say I feel perfect, but it has definitely helped.

  9. EFT tapping for opening up to attracting a romantic love relationship
  10. When you watch the video you see that Dr. Nick seems like a thoughtful kind of guy, a really nice guy. And so is the tapping, thoughtful and deep. He is tapping on the statements like he means it. So this is a script that is coming from the heart. Watch the video and see how it resonates with you.

  11. Using the Law of Attraction to attract a loving relationship
  12. Mr. Yates makes a second appearance on our list. This video is the Brad Yates tapping version of opening up to a romantic relationship. Contrary to what I said earlier in this post about choosing strictly videos that talk about romantic relationships, this video uses tapping to make you a “love magnet” to help you attract all kinds of loving relationships. To me, it looks like it will work just fine if you are aiming specifically for a romantic relationship.

    There are some heart-warming reframes and affirmations towards the end of the tapping. The video is sure to bring a smile on your face, and if you are like me, a tear from your eye.

    Dear Brad,
    Two years ago I found this video: I had been single for more than three years, I hadn’t been “lucky” in my previous relationships, and was really scared about love (blocks). I started to do the tapping twice a day, and used to tap my collar bone everytime I thought about it. A few weeks later, I met a tender, loving and caring man: we married a month ago and our baby will be born in September. I have no words to express my profound gratitude. THANK YOU!!! Lots of love & blessings.

  13. EFT tapping for opening up to unconditional love by way of self-love
  14. You knew this was coming, right? The path to a fulfilling romantic relationship goes via self-love. Yes, we should all love ourselves, but how do we go about it? What does it even mean? Marguerita in the following video has those answers for us.

    This video is important mainly because the tapping in it addresses feelings of being undeserving of love. Depending on how seriously you take this tapping, it just may propel you miles ahead on your love quest. Even if it doesn’t directly address romance in any way.

    Thank you so much. That felt really good. I always feel pain in my chest and I am struggling with self love. When I felt this feeling, I came to this video and I felt great! Does that mean I have touched on a core issue?

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    I just have post a link in my new blog to your website and this post. I simply love it!

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  2. angelc at 1:35 pm #

    Hi, Thank you for such an incredible videos. I could not watch video number 5. for opening up for romantic love relationship because it is private at this moment. can you please make it public ? Thank you.

  3. Carol at 8:54 pm #

    Thank you so much for these videos! Bless you!

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