How do I Know an Issue is Getting Cleared or is Completely Cleared with EFT Tapping?

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This question is part of The Burning Questions Project. For answers to 100+ questions on EFT tapping, check out The Burning Questions Project and ask your own questions.

There are 8 major indicators of whether an issue has been completely cleared or not.

  1. Often it can be just a knowing, accompanied by a feeling of relief. It may feel like a load has been lifted off your shoulders. Clearly, this is a very subjective indicator.
  2. Before you start tapping, give the issue a number on a scale of 0 to 10 based on how bad you are feeling from it (10 being unbearable, 0 being totally fine). This number is known as the SUDS level (Subjective Unit of Distress Scale). SUDS is a way of communicating how much distress you are currently feeling.
    After each tapping round check where that number stands. If you still feel some discomfort around the issue, that is, your number isn’t zero yet, that implies the issue is not cleared yet. You can attack the issue from different angles by tapping on different aspects now.
  3. This one involves recalling the details of an event or a bothersome issue as if you were describing it to a friend. If an issue is resolved, you may notice that you are not even able to concentrate on describing the event without getting distracted.
    Your attention keeps “slipping” from the thoughts of that event to things in your environment. It is as if you have disconnected yourself from that event by discharging all the pain and negativity through tapping. You feel “bored” talking about that issue.
  4. If you start to think that the problem was not a big deal in the first place, you’ve definitely cleared it! That is because the changes with tapping happen at such a deep level that our thoughts about that issue change, often completely and ending with a positive bent.
  5. Laughter also indicates emotional clearing. You may notice yourself breaking into spontaneous bouts of laughter as you are tapping. If that happens, it indicates that clouds of negative emotions are lifting and your spirits are rising.
  6. You may notice a change in your own behaviour from then onwards. This change will be most prominent during the first few times after the tapping. After some time, the new behaviour will come naturally and you will hardly notice it. Things may start to move differently as well.
  7. When you try to think of the issue, your thoughts may be automatically followed by the positive reframes that rose up during tapping. If you were afraid you were going to turn out like your mom, your may get reminded of the reframe that you are nothing like your mom and that you turned out quite okay.
  8. The imagery that you see in your mind when you think of an issue may change to a more positive or compassionate one. If before tapping you thought of a childhood incident and all you could see in your mind’s eye was the image of you falling off a bicycle, it may now change to the memory of how your father gently picked you up and you were fine.
    This memory of your father would be the image of what really happened, not an illusion. It is just that the mind has learned to focus on a positive aspect of the incident. So when you look back at that childhood incident, you feel safe and cared for instead of shocked and hurt.

This question is part of The Burning Questions Project. For answers to 100+ questions on EFT tapping, check out The Burning Questions Project and ask your own questions.

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4 Responses to How do I Know an Issue is Getting Cleared or is Completely Cleared with EFT Tapping?

  1. Barb at 6:55 pm #

    I tapped on something and had an emotional breakthrough and issue had been resolved.

    my behavior was different for two days, but then I seemed to return to my old behaviors. What do I do in that instance?

    • Sonal Pandey at 7:07 pm #

      Barb, excellent question. Relapsing into old behaviours is not uncommon when the triggers have not been addressed completely. It is said that only 10% of our behaviour at any time is influenced by what is happening in the moment. The rest 90% comes from our past experiences. One of these past experiences could be the trigger or the root cause. Most of these triggers are installed when we are kids.

      Often, you can install new behaviours and have them stick by simply tapping long enough. Maybe repeat tapping for a couple more days. That doesn’t mean you will need to keep tapping on the same issue again and again. It just means that for the first few days, try tapping a bit more. If the problem persists, you can always try to see which past incident had a major impact on installing this behaviour, and then tap on that incident.

      Stay tuned for more on this. I’ll be adding this question to The Burning Questions list.

    • Christian at 7:24 pm #

      Antibiotics triggered panic attacks and emotions and anxiety that I have been dealing with… I always had anxiety but not panic the stuff is no joke.
      I have been tapping on the symptoms and get a little relief but I am able to tap and get relief for other things.
      Last night I laid in bed all having a full-blown panic attack and I just lay there and kind of succumbed to it.. It seems to have helped a bit.
      Has anyone else experienced nausea and dry heaving while tapping I noticed that when I tap on this specific feeling of fear and emotion such as angst that I get so strong in the evenings I start to dry heave.
      I would like to go deeper but When I think of the actual trauma that happened to me there is little emotion about it.
      I’m wondering how I can rid myself of this panic once and for all

  2. Neeru at 11:57 am #

    I am doing EFT daily n getting result

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