EFT Tapping Around People Who Simply Don’t Care About You

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Emotional Freedom Technique therapy when people ignore you

EFT tapping when people don't care about your feelings

From time to time, we come across people who seem so cold and wrapped up in themselves that they don’t even give us enough attention to make a decent conversation.

You find them at work, grocery store registers, hospitals, banks, customer service and sometimes among your friends and family.

Such people simply don’t care and you wonder what it would take for them to treat you like you are an actual person. Dealings with indifferent people can leave you frustrated and angry.

How about we try EFT tapping to see if we can turn it around?

If you are new to EFT, please see our Emotional Freedom Technique How-to first. That will get you up and running with EFT quickly.

This script takes about 10 minutes to tap through.

Karate Chop

Even though I feel lonely and abandoned when people don’t care, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Even though people simply don’t care, even when I’m being nice to them, I wish I could sometimes “not care” back just as easily.

Even though I’m nice so that others can be nice to me as well, people are sometimes brusque or downright rude. I feel bad when that happens.

Even though people’s “don’t care” attitude makes me feel unwanted and inferior, I wish I could be secure enough not to let others affect how I feel about myself.

Even though I want to be loved and accepted with a smile by everyone I come across, I am open to being a little more practical about life.

Even though I feel like one emotional ninny wanting people to be warm towards me, I don’t want to be made to feel bad about my nature.

Round 1

Eyebrow    People simply don’t care.

Side of the eye    They are brusque, sometimes downright rude.

Under the eye    Most people these days don’t even look me in the eye.

Under the nose    As if they are just too busy to even care.

Chin    I feel like they are shutting me out through their coldness.

Collar bone    A noncommittal shrug, an eye roll, a smirk, or a fixed stare.

Under the arm    As if they are looking through me, past me.

Top of the head    As if they are just not responsible for anything.

Round 2

Eyebrow    Everywhere I look, people are so business minded.

Side of the eye    All they care about is money and themselves.

Under the eye    Even when a smile costs them nothing!

Under the nose    What would they lose if they only loosened up a little,

Chin    and remembered their manners to be polite?

Collar bone    Their behavior feels dry and calculating.

Under the arm    I feel rejected as a human being

Top of the head    when people don’t even look me in the eye.

Round 3

Eyebrow    I feel like I’m just another number, just another customer,

Side of the eye    just another patient, just another shopper!

Under the eye    This makes me feel like I’m a burden

Under the nose    instead of being a living, loving child of the universe.

Chin    I feel rejected, saddened, and even surprised that

Collar bone    someone can just not care about me!

Under the arm    Even when I’m being nice to them.

Top of the head    Isn’t niceness not valued anymore?

Round 4

Eyebrow    At the same time, I don’t want to harden myself

Side of the eye    to become callous towards others,

Under the eye    since that will not be the true me anymore.

Under the nose    And yet it breaks my heart every time someone behaves

Chin    like they simply don’t care.

Collar bone    I wish I could be a little more practical.

Under the arm    I wish I could be a little more confident

Top of the head    so that others’ behavior would not bother me so much.

Round 5

Eyebrow    I’m open to learning that even though I definitely

Side of the eye    deserve to be treated with love and respect at all times,

Under the eye    my self worth is not decided by how others’ behave.

Under the nose    I’m opening up to this idea that even when

Chin    people are being cool towards me, they probably have some

Collar bone    problems occupying their minds

Under the arm    that prevent them from being cheery.

Top of the head    I can be understanding enough to accommodate that

Round 6

Eyebrow    into my thinking from now.

Side of the eye    Maybe I can spread some cheer in their lives,

Under the eye    by remembering my manners to be polite anyway,

Under the nose    instead of copying their “don’t care” attitude.

Chin    This does not mean I’m endorsing being nice

Collar bone    even when I should be offended.

Under the arm    I’m smart enough to know when to take up an issue

Top of the head    and when to just let it go.

Round 7

Eyebrow    Knowing this I can relax a little.

Side of the eye    I’m not walking around under the fear

Under the eye    of being offended the next time I talk to someone.

Under the nose    Releasing this need to be upset when

Chin    people don’t seem as caring as I would like.

Collar bone    Knowing full well that I’m a precious

Under the arm    human being no matter how someone else behaves.

Top of the head    I’m warm enough inside

Round 8

Eyebrow    not to let outside coolness wear me down.

Side of the eye    Just like how sunshine melts away the snow,

Under the eye    I have enough love and warmth

Under the nose    inside of me to keep me warm and fuzzy.

Chin    And I have enough to spare.

Collar bone    I can allow others to be what they will be.

Under the arm    While freeing myself to be what I will be.

Top of the head    With this knowledge, I choose to be calm and confident.

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