EFT for : Missing Good Old Times (Longing for the Past)

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Especially when going gets tough, we start reflecting back to times in our lives when we didn’t have the current problems. When we were younger, when things were easier, life was carefree.

We often romanticize our past, downplaying the problems we were facing then and thinking that our lives are so much harder now. Life may be harder now, but living in the past is no solution. We want to feel grateful for all the good times we’ve had in the past instead of grieving about them not being in our life anymore.

EFT can help us keep all the good memories whilst releasing all the longing, which is a negative emotion. So now taking full responsibility for yourself, bring to mind the memory of a time that you long for, and tap along with me, repeating what I say.

This video is a sample from my full-length video tap-along “EFT for: Missing Old Times”. The full video contains 11 detailed Tapping rounds over 12 minutes 04 seconds.

The full program will help you

  • Relieve longing about the past when things were better
  • Gently pull yourself out of the past into the present
  • Feel grateful for the past and hopeful about the future
  • Make an energetic shift so you attract more good times

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What you will get in this program:

  • My step-by-step video with EFT tap-along program (12:04 minutes)
  • Full, printable transcript of the tapping script
  • EFT FAQ and troubleshooting guide

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