EFT for success E-book

What Stops You?

Do you feel stuck, or bogged down with worry?

Do you keep trying to improve your finances, create better understanding in relationships, or lose those extra pounds, but feel like you are up against a wall?

The truth is, our conditioning and life experiences leave us with “lessons” that more often than not hinder us from achieving what we really want.

How would it be if we could clear out the limiting beliefs from past failures and unstuck ourselves?

How would it be if we could instill a vibration of hope and excitement in our efforts instead of self-defeating thoughts of worry and despair?

Yes, you are right. From that confident and happy vantage point we will be much better aligned to succeed in whatever we are trying to do. But how do you do that?

There is help, right here.

The help is in the form of a practical guide called What Stops You?

This printable e-book is a collection of 5 powerful EFT tapping programs to help you break through the blocks that stand in the way of your success.

Whether it is finances, relationships or weight loss, these programs will help you knock off some of the fundamental barriers that stand in the way of any kind of success.

When you clear out the base hurdles, you will be able to tackle the specific issues related to your area of struggle with greater focus and ease.

You will find tapping programs in this book useful because:

  • You will be able to clear 5 fundamental blocks to success.
  • The programs are comprehensive yet each takes less than 10 minutes of tapping.
  • These versatile tapping scripts can be applied to many many situations.
  • Each of the 5 programs can be used for stand alone tapping.
  • These tap-alongs use intuitive verbiage and powerful reframes that take the guess work out of tapping.

Here is a sneak peek into the contents of the book:

Each of the chapters includes a full-length tap-along EFT script.

Preface: How to use this book
Chapter 1: How to Use Emotional Freedom Technique to Get Unstuck
Chapter 2: Tapping Yourself Out of the Success Eludes Me Funk
Chapter 3: EFT Tapping when Sincere Efforts Bring Dismal Results
Chapter 4: How to Use EFT when Past Failures Hamper Future Success
Chapter 5: EFT Script to Clear Worry over How Something will Turn out

How to “pay” for this e-book

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Don’t pass up this precious tapping resource. Tapping is very powerful. These scripts make it a piece of cake!

Get the e-book right now.

I may not be able to keep this book free of cost for too long. That is because of the rising server costs as traffic to Tap Easy continues to shoot up, even as we speak. Get your hands on the book before it goes up for sale.

My philosophy about self-help is that it should be targeted, practical, and easy to incorporate quickly. This e-book incorporates all of those characteristics to help you make progress faster.

I sincerely hope that you will use and benefit from the programs I have shared in this book. This e-book is for yours to keep and share with family, friends, Facebook …


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