Easily Overcome Fear of Criticism with EFT

Fear of Criticism Holding You Back?

An easy, natural technique to not only dissolve past hurt

but also conquer your fear of criticism for good

This program is for you if

  • You have been told you are too sensitive to people’s remarks
  • You take things to heart and find it difficult to release hurt
  • You feel like life would have been easier if you were thick-skinned
  • The fear of criticism holds you back from living fully and freely

This program will help you

  • Release past hurt from someone’s criticism of you (any number of events)
  • Become more comfortable in your own skin instead of having to fake to be thick-skinned
  • Extract all the good from criticism and actually benefit from it
  • Become more confident to go out into the world and share your skills and talents

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Handling Criticism Like a Star – what’s included


fear of criticism critical peopleIn this video, I will demonstrate, using a real-life example, how and when to use this program. I will also show you how to address aspects that are unique to your personal circumstances. This video will also answer your questions including why tapping scripts work so well, when is it okay to focus on negative thoughts, how often to use the program and whether you need to tap through it in one sitting.

Module 1: Addressing the Criticizer

audio download mp3This tap-along audio module is the place to start for any given incident where somebody’s justified or unjustified criticism or feedback hurt your feelings. It can also be used for cases where somebody criticizes you routinely. With 10 detailed rounds of step-by-step Tapping, you will constructively process all the anger and hurt caused by a criticizer. You will feel calmer, stronger and the feeling of being in control will return.

Module 2: Looking Inward

audio download mp3In this audio tap-along you will experience relief from the feelings of self-blame and self-pity that naturally crop up when someone criticizes you. In this empowering set of Tapping rounds, you will go from feeling sorry for being vulnerable to feeling good about being your sensitive, thoughtful self.

Module 3: Making Choices

audio download mp3With 10 detailed Tapping rounds in this audio module, you will tap along to powerful reframes that will enable you to see criticism from an empowering vantage point. You will get in touch with that part of you that knows how to extract all the good from someone’s criticism of you. You will feel confident enough to stand up to unjustified criticism. You will reach a state of acceptance about feeling hurt from criticism but you will also program yourself to rise out of it, stronger than ever.

Bonus 1 : Q & A guide with additional usage tips

EFT troubleshooting guide to help you overcome any challenges you may be facing in your use of EFT. It also has additional tips on how to take full advantage of the program.

Bonus 2 : Full, printable transcripts

EFT tapping transcriptsThis program comes with full, neatly formatted, printable transcripts. You can print them out on paper or on to a PDF.

Get the program now (instant access) $17

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