Donna Eden’s Energy Exercises [Videos]

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With Tapping, you are often able to get an issue down to zero intensity, be it an emotional upheaval or a physical problem. But sometimes, after initial progress, you may get stuck where the intensity refuses to go down. It may feel like Tapping is not working.

Donna Eden, a master and pioneer in the field of Energy Medicine, says that scrambled and homolateral energetic patterns can prevent Tapping from working. She shares techniques that can help you literally unscramble your energy field, and get your energies moving in a crossover pattern again.

These energy exercises can help you get more leverage with Tapping, but more importantly, they can set you on a path to a much healthier body, a much calmer mind, and an overall sense of well being.

Here I have compiled video demonstrations of the energy exercises Donna Eden advises.

Cross Over Energy Exercise

This exercise gets your energy moving in a crossover pattern. The video explains why that is beneficial for us.

Crown Pull

This exercise makes space in your head for the blood to flow and the spinal fluid to flow up your spine. It also calms the back of your brain because the back of the brain is what runs the show when you are really stressed.

The Hook Up

Central and Governing meridians connect up using this technique. It is very important that this energy stay connected because when those two connect, you are more connected on all the meridians. You’re ‘more together’ when you are hooked up.

Connecting Heaven and Earth

This exercise can move stuck energy out of your body. If you are just starting to get a cold or flu, you’ll usually move it right out of your body. Energy can get stuck in our joints and this exercise frees it. It is also beneficial for those starting to see signs of arthritis and those who already have arthritis.

Donna Eden’s 5 Minute Energy Routine

This is possibly Donna’s most popular energy exercise – the 5 minute energy routine. It is a simple yet extraordinary set of exercises that are worth incorporating into your daily routine.

All of these exercises are explained thoroughly in Energy Medicine: Balancing Your Body’s Energies for Optimal Health, Joy, and Vitality


2 Responses to Donna Eden’s Energy Exercises [Videos]

  1. Ana Paula Costa at 5:59 pm #

    Hi Sonal! I just knew about donna edens exercises recently by my EFT therapist. I began doing the daily routine just since 2 days and I think i feel some changes already. But the videos are old and have some changes. The latest video doesnt include the linphatics massage for instance. And the older one doesnt include the connecting heaven and earth. And the exercises have some variations.Do you know another video more complete? Or what should i do?

    • Sonal Pandey at 9:45 pm #

      Hi Ana, so good to hear from you! Yes, I’ve seen the exercises vary (evolve) over the years. On YouTube, these seem to be the only recordings of Donna Eden available. The best way would be to perhaps check with the Donna Eden’s website directly to see if there might be DVDs for the program. Also, her daughters regularly post latest energy exercises on their Facebook and YouTube, so that’s another way to remain up to date.

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