EFT for Fear of Confrontation

Bring to mind your unease about a past confrontation or a confrontation you may be planning with someone, and keeping it in mind, tap along with me.

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EFT Tapping set up

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Even though I am averse to confrontation because I prefer peace and harmony and confrontation upsets my delicate balance, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Even though the process of confronting someone is nerve wracking for me, it creates fear and anxiety in my mind, I appreciate myself for choosing to take on necessary confrontation instead of running away from it. I applaud myself for leaning into my fears.

Even though I fear that the consequences of a confrontation will haunt me for the rest of my life and someone could ruin my life because I confronted them, I choose to acknowledge this fear and work my way through it. I choose to take wise action based on my good sense, no matter how bad things look. I choose to remember that I get to decide what path my life takes. No one else has limitless power over me, no matter how powerful they seem.

EFT Tapping round 1

Eyebrow    I am so averse to confrontation. I am so afraid of confrontation.

Side of the eye    I don’t want to be seen as a trouble maker.

Under the eye    I don’t want to invite other people’s angst,

Under the nose    especially if they are more powerful than I am.

Chin    I can never win an argument.

Collar bone    Others always come up with a good reason

Under the arm    to dupe me, to suppress me, to take advantage of me.

Top of the head    When I’m confronting someone, my common sense betrays me.

EFT Tapping round 2

Eyebrow    I either over-react or run with my tail between my legs.

Side of the eye    I am so afraid of consequences of confrontation.

Under the eye    I am so afraid of the long-term effects

Under the nose    of confronting someone, even if it is their fault.

Chin    I hate the time leading up to a confrontation.

Collar bone    I hate it that conversations about a confrontation

Under the arm    keep running in my mind long before and after

Top of the head    I actually confront someone.

EFT Tapping round 3

Eyebrow    I hate it when good relations turn sour.

Side of the eye    Things are never going to be the same again.

Under the eye    I like feelings of peace and harmony.

Under the nose    A confrontation ruins the day for me.

Chin    And the days leading up to it. And the ones following it.

Collar bone    And I turn out to be the bad guy, no matter whose fault.

Under the arm    I am afraid of people yelling at me.

Top of the head    I am afraid of feeling tongue-tied when it is my time

EFT Tapping round 4

Eyebrow    to shoot back arguments.

Side of the eye    I don’t have all the arguments ready.

Under the eye    I am afraid of losing an argument.

Under the nose    Sometimes, I lose my cool during a confrontation

Chin    and present senseless arguments a monkey can squash!

Collar bone    No wonder I hate confrontation.

Under the arm    I fear that things will get worse after a confrontation.

Top of the head    There are no two ways about it, confrontation ruins everything.

EFT Tapping round 5

Eyebrow    I hate to stand up for myself if it involves confronting someone.

Side of the eye    What if I could remember that I am no longer

Under the eye    a helpless child who could be intimidated by yelling?

Under the nose    No matter how powerful the nemesis,

Chin    at the energetic plane, we are fighting fair and square.

Collar bone    No matter how a confrontation turns out,

Under the arm    I’m only going to grow as a person because of that.

Top of the head    These anxieties are just growing pains.

EFT Tapping round 6

Eyebrow    There are times when it is my duty to stand up for myself.

Side of the eye    Yes, there may be consequences of confronting someone.

Under the eye    But the thing is, there certainly would be consequences

Under the nose    of avoiding necessary confrontation.

Chin    By internalizing my angst, I’ll only be giving myself ulcers.

Collar bone    Sometimes confrontation clears the air and makes it easier for everyone.

Under the arm    I choose to release this fearful feeling in the pit of stomach.

Top of the head    I choose to release this mortal fear. I do not need to be afraid.

EFT Tapping round 7

Eyebrow    I choose to release this nervous feeling.

Side of the eye    I choose to forgive myself for any unwise confrontations of the past.

Under the eye    I choose to pick my battles wisely.

Under the nose    That said, if a battle involves confrontation, so be it.

Chin    Confrontation will not be easy, confrontation will not be fun.

Collar bone    But sometimes you just got to do what is right.

Under the arm    I choose to be okay if it comes to confrontation.

Top of the head    I choose to be calm and confident.

Take a deep breath and relax. Go over the video again or as many times as you need until you start to feel decidedly better.

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