Dealing with Critical People in 10 Minutes Using EFT

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Dealing with Critical People in 10 Minutes Using EFT

Using EFT to deal with people who criticize you constantly

Sometimes we come across or even live with people who are quite critical and judgmental of us. They may put us down, directly or indirectly, through words or deeds.

Such people are energy drainers and leave us exhausted. It doesn’t matter how nice you are to them, they will find some flaw in you, a stick to beat you with. Repeated run-ins with such people can leave us depleted and less confident in ourselves.

We may start to question our worthiness for acceptance. This can set up a toxic reaction where you are trying harder and harder to please them so they will stop criticizing you. But their approval may never come. We start to dread being around them.

This could even become a pattern wherein we keep running into critics at every step. How about we trying tapping for this situation?

If you are new to EFT, please see our guide to using EFT first. That will get you up and running with EFT quickly.

This script takes about 10 minutes to tap through.

Tip: For better results, focus on specific people instead of tapping on all the critical people in your life at once. In a single go of the script, focus on a given person or a group of related people, such as a group of colleagues, a bunch of critical relatives or just your critical neighbour.

Karate Chop

Even though these people are so critical of me and I can never be good enough for them, a part of me longs for their approval.

Even though these people do and say things that make me feel bad about myself, I want to be appreciated and loved for who I am.

Even though I’m stiff with dread and never comfortable around these people, for fear of what they will say next, to upset my balance, I wish I could just be myself around them.

Even though I’m forever fielding their snide remarks, there is a part of me that just seems to gravitate towards such people instead of keeping my distance.

Even though a part of me almost expects these people to look down upon me, yet feels disempowered to ask them to back off, I wish I could bone up to them calmly and confidently.

Round 1

Start of eyebrow            I dread facing these people.

Side of the eye     They judge me and I can feel it in my bones.

Under the eye     In their eyes, I can never be good enough.

Under the nose   I can never relax in their company.

Above the chin    I feel so vulnerable around them.

Collar bone              Whatever I do, they find a weak spot to pick on me.

Under arm                I feel drained, constantly trying to protect myself.

Top of the head   But I am tired of catering to these people.

Round 2

Start of eyebrow            I am tired of seeking their approval.

Side of the eye     And I am tired of not getting their approval.

Under the eye     But a part of me longs for their approval.

Under the nose   A part of me will feel like a failure

Above the chin    unless I have their love and acceptance.

Collar bone              But I also know that they are not looking

Under arm                to find any good in me anyway.

Top of the head   Maybe they even gossip behind my back.

Round 3

Start of eyebrow            Pitying me, laughing at me, bad mouthing me.

Side of the eye     But what good is it serving them?

Under the eye     They cannot gossip enough

Under the nose   to feel any better about themselves.

Above the chin    They are not solving any of their own problems

Collar bone              by talking about me.

Under arm                The time they could be spending

Top of the head            chasing their own happiness.

Round 4

Start of eyebrow            And I’m not saying this just philosophically,

Side of the eye     or because that’s what

Under the eye     losers are supposed to tell themselves.

Under the nose   The only approval that should matter to me is mine.

Above the chin    These people just play with my insecurities.

Collar bone              No matter how much I allow myself to be

Under arm                exploited by their criticism, with the hope

Top of the head   that they will someday be pleased enough

Round 5

Start of eyebrow            to see the good in me,

Side of the eye     it is true that I can never become

Under the eye     bad enough in their eyes

Under the nose   for them to feel good about themselves.

Above the chin    How they feel about themselves is their problem.

Collar bone              I wish I could just move away from these people.

Under arm                And yet I know that there might be more such people

Top of the head   coming into my life in the future.

Round 6

Start of eyebrow            Maybe I cannot avoid that.

Side of the eye     But I CAN avoid wasting my energy fielding their criticism.

Under the eye     I choose to be comfortable even when

Under the nose   I do have to face such people.

Above the chin    And if there is something in their manner that

Collar bone              I should be offended by,

Under arm                something that toes the line too far,

Top of the head   I’m smart enough to stand up for myself.

Round 7

Start of eyebrow            And to tell them to back off.

Side of the eye     I’m already standing up for myself

Under the eye     by choosing to be myself

Under the nose   no matter what company I am in.

Above the chin    And if there is anything of substance in their criticism,

Collar bone              if any of their suggestions do align

Under arm                with my highest good and happiness,

Top of the head   I’m smart enough to pick that up, too,

Round 8

Start of eyebrow            and embetter my life.

Side of the eye     With this knowledge, I can loosen up a bit.

Under the eye     I can relax my face. Releasing the tightness in my jaw.

Under the nose   And my body. Releasing the stiffness in my chest and bones.

Above the chin    I choose to relax my mind too, since

Collar bone              I don’t need to be ready with an

Under arm                instant repartee to their remarks.

Top of the head            Instead, I choose to align myself

Round 9

Start of eyebrow            with the infinite love and acceptance

Side of the eye     that is within me

Under the eye     Since a part of me knows that

Under the nose   no matter how much approval and acceptance

Above the chin    I get from others, or don’t get from others,

Collar bone              it is only I who can give myself

Under arm                the amount of love and approval

Top of the head   that can ever create a deep satisfaction

Round 10

Start of eyebrow            and feelings of belongingness.

Side of the eye     The more I accept myself along with my flaws,

Under the eye     and the more I like myself for what I am,

Under the nose   the more I fall in love with myself,

Above the chin    and the more I free myself from this vibration

Collar bone              that pulls me towards critical people

Under arm                who are probably going through life

Top of the head   looking for others they can judge and criticize.

Round 11

Start of eyebrow            I choose to detach myself from this vibration, for good.

Side of the eye     I’m no longer answering their call for guinea pigs.

Under the eye     Even though it is so hard to come to terms

Under the nose   with this realization that no matter what I do,

Above the chin    there will always be people who will want

Collar bone              to pull me down, criticize me, and not in a healthy way,

Under arm                I am open to accepting myself and this idea more.

Top of the head   The seeds of this desperate desire for approval

Round 12

Start of eyebrow            were probably sown in my childhood.

Side of the eye     Maybe I didn’t have a choice then.

Under the eye     But I’m now smart enough

Under the nose   not to let critical people run my life.

Above the chin    I choose to release this need for approval from people

Collar bone              who will never really appreciate me.

Under arm                I set myself free to be just what I will be.

Top of the head   I choose to be calm and confident.

With this, you may notice that critical people in your life do not have so much power over you anymore. They may notice the subtle (or not so subtle) difference in you too, since you won’t be emitting a vibe of “come, pick on me” anymore. Repeat tapping through the script if you feel the need to do so.

Tap through the script a few times, while focusing on a different group of people each time, and problems with the rest of the critical people in your life may also dissolve without tapping for them specifically. If other negative emotions arise during this tapping, make a note of them, and tap on them after you are done with the script.

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  1. rebeccaj at 12:48 am #

    I liked this script, Sonal, but I changed the “them” that criticize me to “my mother” and that REALLY helped:)

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