Coronavirus Tapping Scripts

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Tips for Best Results

  1. Know that it is perfectly safe using negative wording such as “I’m afraid” when tapping alongside. These are merely your true thoughts and feelings. They will transform into positive feelings as you tap.
  2. Use these tapping scripts as they are or modify the wording to better fit your particular situation. These tapping scripts should be treated as jump-off points.
  3. Use these tapping scripts as many times as you need every day. You can use all of them daily or just the ones that are relevant to you.
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  5. Please do not copy-paste these tapping scripts on your social media/blog/channel. Instead, please post a link to this page.

Coronavirus Anxiety Tapping Script

Side of the hand    Even though I’m feeling anxious because of the Coronavirus pandemic, I accept myself and embrace peace, hope, and healing.

Start of the eyebrow    This Coronavirus mess
Side of the eye    All this anxiety because of it
Under the eye    All this risk and restriction
Under the nose    All my fears for myself
Under the mouth    All my fears for my loved ones
Collarbone point    It’s all out of my control
Under the arm    It’s all out of anyone’s control
Top of the head    “Normal” is now over as we know it

Start of the eyebrow    Isolation! Groceries! Finances!
Side of the eye    Doom and gloom wherever I turn
Under the eye    There’s one thing though
Under the nose    Panic is more contagious than a virus
Under the mouth    I choose to keep a level head
Collarbone point    I choose to stay safe
Under the arm    I choose peace, hope, and healing
Top of the head    for myself and the world

Fear of Contracting Coronavirus Tapping Script

Side of the hand    Even though I’m afraid that my loved ones and I will contract the Coronavirus and fall sick or worse, I accept myself and embrace hope and peace.

Start of the eyebrow    What if I catch the virus?
Side of the eye    And fall sick or die?
Under the eye    I’m not ready for this
Under the nose    What about my loved ones?
Under the mouth    They’re at risk too
Collarbone point    I shudder to think what might happen
Under the arm    All this fear and anxiety
Top of the head    I feel powerless to keep us safe

Start of the eyebrow    Whether or not the worst happens,
Side of the eye    There is one way I can give in to the virus
Under the eye    Without even contracting it
Under the nose    That is through panic and fear
Under the mouth    I choose to stay strong
Collarbone point    Take care and stay safe
Under the arm    There is support, there is help
Top of the head    I choose peace and health for all

Coronavirus Groceries Anxiety Tapping Script

Side of the hand    Even though I’m afraid that I will have to go without food and necessities due to the Coronavirus pandemic, I acknowledge my fears and accept myself unconditionally.

Start of the eyebrow    Toilet paper? That’s rarer than gold!
Side of the eye    Disappearing hand sanitizer
Under the eye    Scary empty store shelves
Under the nose    Everything that I need and want
Under the mouth    Seems to be going out of stock
Collarbone point    How will I feed myself and my loved ones?
Under the arm    How long can we go on like this?
Top of the head    Before we run out of necessities?

Start of the eyebrow    One thing I can never run out of is hope
Side of the eye    I choose to do what I need to do
Under the eye    And keep hope alive
Under the nose    I choose to economize where I can
Under the mouth    I choose to take care and stay safe
Collarbone point    This too shall pass
Under the arm    I am resourceful beyond measure
Top of the head    I am choosing peace and patience

Coronavirus Isolation Anxiety Tapping Script

Side of the hand    Even though I feel so lonely being cut off from the world, I accept myself and embrace hope and peace.

Start of the eyebrow    It’s so lonely and weird
Side of the eye    Like walls are closing in on me
Under the eye    I need to be outside
Under the nose    Doing things and living life
Under the mouth    Yet I’m stuck inside
Collarbone point    I need to see people
Under the arm    “Shelter in place” is so isolating
Top of the head    I feel like I’m in prison

Start of the eyebrow    But wait, my imagination isn’t caged!
Side of the eye    I’m as free as I allow my mind to be
Under the eye    I can think, I can dream
Under the nose    Social distancing needn’t push us away
Under the mouth    from those we know and love
Collarbone point    I can connect with people
Under the arm    On the phone and online
Top of the head    I’m never alone and so it is

Coronavirus Financial Fears Tapping Script

Side of the hand    Even though I fear for my finances, work, and career because of the Coronavirus pandemic’s aftermath, I acknowledge my feelings and accept myself.

Start of the eyebrow    Coronavirus is spreading
Side of the eye    And economy shrinking
Under the eye    Jobs being lost
Under the nose    Businesses closing down
Under the mouth    All this financial anxiety
Collarbone point    Where do I stand?
Under the arm    Where will I end up?
Top of the head    My livelihood is under threat

Start of the eyebrow    I’ve worked so hard to come this far
Side of the eye    Not for it to be taken away
Under the eye    In a single unfortunate sweep
Under the nose    This is unfair!
Under the mouth    But I know how to make money
Collarbone point    I can do it again
Under the arm    I will overcome this
Top of the head    And come out richer in more ways than one!


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