Here’s the Skinny on Carol Look’s Project Tapping with Mindvalley (Tapping Into Abundance)

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Tapping Into Abundance with Carol Look

Tapping Into Abundance with Carol Look

First the back story on Carol Look’s Tapping Into Abundance program…

It began in the October of 2011. In a true reality T.V. style, 5 people chosen out of the hundreds who had applied, were flown to San Diego. There they met a woman who changed their lives.

These people were battling with all kinds of money issues. One woman is afraid to be rich. Can you believe that? And yet, and yet, isn’t it scary that you and me could be running our lives under the same exact belief – fear of being rich?

When I came to know how their lives turned around simply by spending an afternoon with Carol, doing tapping (what else?), I knew I had to dig further. I watched their introductory 8 minute documentary the makers filmed with these people.

Carol Look’s money secrets.

Abundance is a vibration. It is not a dollar amount in your bank account.

You cannot positive think your way out of beliefs, feelings and past events.

If you don’t unblock what is in the way of your abundance, I can give you a cheque for a million dollars and you’re going to lose it on the way to the bank.

Here’s a really important question. Do you want to be successful?

Everything we do either moves us towards abundance or away from abundance.

If these quotes are anything to go by, this woman knows her money. And yet, when you talk to her, it feels like she is coming from a place of integrity. You don’t get those “salesy” vibes from her. You feel comfortable knowing that she is solid in her money concepts and makes quick work of releasing money blocks.

Check out all of Carol Look’s money secrets.

In one of her interviews, she let slip that she had increased her income by 700% using Tapping. So there.

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