A Stealth Technique for Anxiety Relief On the Go (Video)

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Use wrist press to calm anxiety with acupressure

Using the wrist press technique to calm anxiety on the go

Today I’m going to share with you a quick and easy way to remain calm during driving. It can also be used when you are not driving, actually.

I came up with this wrist press idea one day as I was driving.

Having read about the acupressure points located on the wrist and how they could help calm anxiety, I thought of trying it out for driving stress.

I figured that it was difficult to find the exact points quickly, so a whole wrist press could work. Lo and behold, it works!  

Even if you are a seasoned driver, anxiety and emotional turmoil can creep in as you get on the road. It is easy to tense up and become anxious when you are wading your way through heavy or high speed traffic.

A study reported that when the traffic is light, the driving experience becomes even more stressful. That happens because as we relax our attention from the road, worries about work, family and the future come swooping down upon us.

From then on, the whole driving experience is ruled by these worries. And this is dangerous because a worrisome thought can keep your attention tied for just a bit too long, leading to an accident.

Energy techniques come to the rescue of the anxious driver once again.

The area on the inside and around the wrist is full of acupressure points. Just wrapping your fingers around the whole wrist and giving it a tight hug while breathing deeply has many benefits.

The wrist press helps anxiety, panic, palpitations, nervousness, giddiness and fear. It calms the mind and relaxes you while evening out the heart beat.

Instead of trying to pin point the exact point, try this overhauling method the next time you are on the road.

For safety reasons, probably try this when you are stopped at a traffic light, or just before pulling out, and not while driving. I use it while driving sometimes, but only when I’m literally dragging the car on the road (less than 10 miles/hour).

So here is the step by step process.

  1. While keeping one hand on the steering wheel, grab hold of your wrist with your other hand.
  2. Say you are holding your left wrist with your right hand.
  3. Now take a deep breath in while still grasping the wrist.
  4. Now let your breath out, preferably through the mouth.
  5. As you let your breath out, say the word “relax” under your breath.
  6. Now let go of your wrist.

You grab hold of your wrist from the top instead of first going under the wrist and then wrapping your hand around it.

This kind of wrist press targets two acupressure points.

Inner Gate (Pericardium 6)

Pericardium or P6 lies about three finger widths below the wrist crease. You need to apply pressure to the soft space between the two tendons. See the photo below for clarity.

Spirit Door (Heart 7)

This point lies at the base of the inner wrist as shown in the photo below.

The photo below shows how you can get both points as your wrap your fingers around your wrist.

Pressing the inside of the wrist also brings relief from nausea resulting from anxiety, motion sickness, chemotherapy and other conditions.

Pregnant women may want to consult their doctors first before using this technique for morning sickness. I used the wrist point to combat nausea during my pregnancy. I did not notice any harmful side effects, but it could be different for everyone.

The wrist press does not have to be limited to driving use.

You can grasp your wrist anytime you feel anxiety coming on. As you breathe out, say “relax” or any other word that you feel most comfortable with at that time. Such as “peace”, “happiness”, “I am calm”, “I am safe”, “it is okay”.

EFT Tapping for fear and anxiety

EFT Tapping can help you take the edge off anxiety and at times even diffuse it completely. If you’re not familiar with EFT or Tapping, it is a self-help technique with its roots in ancient Chinese acupuncture and modern psychology. Except, instead of needles, we use gentle taps on certain points on the face and body. For a first hand experience of this powerful technique, play the video below and tap along with me.

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  • Are feeling afraid and anxious no matter what the reason
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  • Can’t seem to be able to talk yourself out of this feeling
  • Want to feel calm, safe and in control of things quickly

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5 Responses to A Stealth Technique for Anxiety Relief On the Go (Video)

  1. cyril at 9:28 pm #

    Acupressure therapy is nothing but applying pressure on the points.By applying pressure the congested energy get relieved and free flow of energy is maintained in the body

  2. Amol Wagle at 10:03 am #

    Excellent post sonal !!!

    • Sonal at 10:42 am #

      Thanks Amol, have you used the wrist press technique?

  3. Angie at 9:49 pm #

    Sonal, thank you for your very easy instructional videos and for bringing hope to me and others. This is truly a big help. Have an abundant day.

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