Book Review: The Tapping Solution by Nick Ortner

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The Tapping Solution A Revolutionary System for Stress-Free Living

A Revolutionary System for Stress-Free Living

This is the book I wish I had when I was going through the darkest hour of my life.

This is the book I wish I had when I was fumbling to learn this Tapping thing years ago.

Better later than never.

The Tapping Solution looks like an EFT treatise, but what it really is  is a life manual. With clear examples and easy pointers, it lays out a map one can follow to sort out their entire life.

If you are like me who greedily skips over pages to get to the “meat of the book”, you’re in for a surprise.

It is fast paced and intense, with no filler paragraphs you can skim past. Page after page is filled with solid information and real life accounts of regular people who made huge strides with EFT.

For a self-help book, you will find it refreshingly interesting. Because right from the start, it talks about you – answering your secret question at every step – what’s in it for me? Lots actually.

Using the first person narration, the author Nick Ortner talks to you directly through this book.

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What’s inside The Tapping Solution book?

Chapter 1 opens with a huge medical coincidence that led to the eventual discovery of EFT.

Chapter 2 takes you through the exact steps you need to do in order to experience EFT yourself. A tapping point chart and easy tapping scripts make quick work of applying EFT, even if you’ve never done it before. If you’re the visual kind, you’re going to love the “tapping tree” process included in here.

Chapters 3 and 4 set you on a journey of self-exploration where you start looking, really looking, at your life and what your triggers are and how to address them.

Relief is so evident that it is about at this time you start thanking yourself for trying this “tapping” thing.
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Chapter 5 is about tapping through your past. You learn how childhood abuse and trauma can lead to diseases in adulthood. You are lead through a 2-step process that involves addressing traumatic childhood memories and giving voice to what you couldn’t say as a child. This wholesome healing approach is sure to have ripples right down to your present and into the future.

Chapter 6 explores the mind-body connection and how diseases are often mere extensions of what’s going on under the emotional hood.

Chapter 7 deals with the issue of physical pain, laying out a protocol for addressing it with EFT. A tapping script is included to give you a good idea of how to approach the diagnosis, the reasons and your truth about pain. The tapping script is about slipped disc pain but I used it for a stiff neck and it worked just fine.

Chapter 8 shows you how to use EFT for the weight loss. It does that by helping you modify your relationship with food and reduce stress levels. With tapping scripts provided for relationship with food, cravings, resistance to exercise, this little chapter is like a mini weight loss manual in itself.

Chapter 9 is about the matters of the heart. It starts with Nick sharing his own story of heartbreak and healing. He goes on to show how EFT can help clear the “baggage” so we can move on and learn to start trusting again.

Chapter 10 is where the money is. You didn’t think this major topic would be left out, did you? I remember listening to one of Nick’s presentations where he mentioned that 73% Americans think their biggest stress is money (American Psychological Association). Nick nudges you to stop looking at outside reasons for your financial state and ask yourself, “Why am I in this situation?”. Then he walks you through a “tapping tree” process that will help you identify and correct your own money blocks. Nice indeed.

Chapter 11 maps out a protocol for clearing irrational fears and phobias. Chapter 12 covers a broad spectrum of possibilities that open up as you start incorporating tapping into your daily life. In chapters 13 and 14, Nick shares his big vision for humanity and challenges you to play your part in it.

If you make it to the end, you’re greeted with a pleasant surprise – a free online course designed to take what you’ve learned so far and graduate to the next level.

Clearly, this is not a single-afternoon read. This is not a read . It is a read-tap-read-tap … Tapping scripts that are generously strewn throughout the book make the theory easy to put into action.

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My thoughts

Me, I’m all about specific – targeted action that brings measurable change in people’s lives. This is what this book stands for, too.

The one thing I would have liked different would be the title tag line – “A Revolutionary System for Stress-Free Living”. The word “stress” is thrown around so often these days that it has sort of lost its gravity. Besides, the book is about so much more than stress.

Pretty much all claims are backed with references to scientific papers, studies and research on the subject. This is truly a “no-fluff” explanation of the science behind EFT.

Yes, the book attempts that question too – can EFT cure cancer?

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