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Do You Know HOW to Achieve with Affirmations? Framing, Timing and Other Secrets You Need to Know Before Reciting Your Next Affirmation

When used correctly, affirmations are immensely powerful, yet most of us don't use them in ways that create visible results. Few people are actually using affirmations in ways that create visible results in their lives. Result? We give up, thereby giving up on the massive possibilities for an amazing future we could have created for ourselves.

Finally, you can have your doubts cleared, questions answered, and discover essential tricks for making affirmations work, easily and quickly.

  • The #1 most important ingredient of an affirmation that can make or break it - and it's NOT in the wording.
  • Is it better to repeat an affirmation 1000 times one day or 100 times a day for 10 days? (or 10 times a day for 100 days?) What is the minimum number of times YOU need to repeat an affirmation during the day for it to take effect (without losing your sanity from mindless repetition).
  • How to know if an affirmation will work for YOU or if you are simply wasting your breath reciting it. Plus how to turn it around for spectacular results.
  • Do you need to believe in an affirmation for it to work? (you DO need a degree of belief - but how much?)
  • Do you need to get super-specific with affirmations (I weigh exactly 120 pounds) or is there more power in keeping them open-ended (I enjoy being at a healthy weight) - which one works? (BOTH - but there is a difference)
  • Why not all affirmations will work - even if they are worded the exact SAME way!
  • What to do when your mind simply doesn't believe, and REJECTS an affirmation with "Yeah, right!" (how to overcome mental blocks that hinder your progress)
  • 1 really EASY TRICK to "prove" to your subconscious mind that your affirmation is indeed coming true - this will hasten the process of manifesting.
  • How to ensure that you are progressively moving TOWARD your affirmation, and not staying stuck.
  • How seemingly positive words can sabotage an affirmation to bring FLEETING SUCCESS and what to replace them with instead.
  • Why TURKEY-STUFFING affirmations doesn't work and can leave you overwhelmed and tongue-tied (what not to do).
  • You likely already know better than to include "not" or negative words in your affirmations, but you'll be surprised to discover these HIDDEN NEGATIVE WORDS that are lurking in your affirmations, filling them with negativity.
  • The 2 BEST TIMES of day to recite your affirmations so they "sink in" - your connection with the subconscious is strongest at these times.
  • The 1 WORST TIME to recite your affirmations because that's when you'll be repelling positive suggestions instead of embracing them.
  • Does the effect of an affirmation last FOREVER? That is, once you imbibe an affirmation right down to your bones, does the effect last forever? How to make it last.
  • Which areas of your life will MOST BENEFIT from affirmations right now - how to prioritize.
  • Free Bonus: fill in the blanks template to create powerful affirmations that resonate with YOU (the more an affirmation resonates with you, the faster it manifests in your life).

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