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Relief from painful emotions of anger, sadness, guilt, regret, shame, grief and worry.

Emotional Freedom Technique tapping around hereditary issues

EFT for Sadness / Feeling Sad

This video is a sample from my full-length video tap-along “EFT for Sadness”. The full video is 9 minutes 51 seconds long and has 10 EFT tap-along rounds to relieve feelings of sadness. The full program Get the program US $7 (instant access) What you will get in this program: You can put your mind […]

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EFT when someone criticizes you

EFT Tapping When You’re Hurt by Criticism

This tapping script for criticism is the place to start for any given incident where somebody’s justified or unjustified criticism or feedback hurt your feelings. It can also be used for cases where somebody criticizes you routinely. Now bring to mind such an incident, doesn’t matter how long ago it happened and tap with me. […]

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