3 Ways Tapping Works – You Won’t Believe #3!

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Today I want to share with you three ways in which tapping works. And not all of those ways are always obvious.

The first way in which tapping works is through immediate relief. That is, if you had pain somewhere and you tapped on it and you find immediate relief. Or you were experiencing an emotional upset, maybe anger, disappointment, discouragement, or some sort of sadness, and then you tapped on it and you immediately feel better. You feel better after a few rounds and you notice the results pretty quickly. That is immediate relief.

The second way in which tapping works is is slightly indirectly through insight or a shift in perspective. Say you were tapping on a problem with your parents. You had some grievances, and then you tapped on that, you acknowledged those grievances while growing up. Maybe you held them responsible for certain things they did and then you tapped on those.

You may feel a little better but you may also receive insight or a shift in perspective. Such as, “They did the best they could,” or that “I turned out alright anyway.” Something like that, a creative insight or a shift.

Maybe that you were stuck with some money issues and you just couldn’t find your way out of it. Then you tapped on your money issues, you acknowledged the issues, you did the tapping and then suddenly you realize that there is a shift in perspective.

There’s a creative insight. “I have not explored that opportunity, maybe I should do that.” And then there is some hope, a shift in perspective. Then of course hopefully you will act on that insight or shift in perspective, and you will make progress from then onwards.

This is not instant relief or instant results, but there was a shift in perspective and acting on it, or believing that from then onward will change things for you.

The third and not so obvious way is by starting a vibrational undercurrent. That means that you sat down, you did the tapping, and after awhile you thought, “Okay, fine, maybe I’m not really reaching anywhere. I feel some relief, it’s alright. Maybe I should just get up and go about my life anyways.”

There was no real obvious relief, you didn’t really feel any shift, no insights arose, and then you just got busy. But unbeknownst to you, by acknowledging your emotions about that issues that was bothering you, and doing the tapping alongside, you started a vibrational undercurrent. Effects of which may be seen in the next few days, few weeks, months, maybe even years.

What you did was shift perspective or shift things in a way that was not obvious in your immediate surroundings and not obvious to your conscious mind either. This will result in attracting people, events, circumstances, coincidences, thoughts, ideas, opportunities to you that you may not be able to directly correlate with tapping. But the undercurrent has begun anyway.

The vibrational state has changed, which is not often times easy to notice. It’s also not easy to attribute it back to tapping that, “Hey, I did tapping that day maybe that started it, the tapping I did two months ago maybe that started all of it.” Maybe you can do that, maybe you can’t.

In this third way tapping works like a prayer. You don’t often attribute like, “Oh, my success I can attribute to that day when I prayed.” It’s not very obvious, but if you did the tapping, if you acknowledged your emotions about the issue you did make a shift. It always does something.

That is the third way in which tapping works and it’s not always very obvious. You may end up feeling like we did so much tapping but it didn’t do anything.

One of the ways to spot if tapping worked in this way, indirectly, is to realize that before you did the tapping, say two weeks or two months ago, things were not really moving. And now, things are moving. What has changed? What has shifted? Was it tapping? Did it start some sort of a vibrational undercurrent?

These are the three ways in which tapping works for you and all of them are not always very obvious. I’d say stick to your tapping routine, do tapping, anything that bothers you definitely bring it to the surface using tapping and then clear it out.

You never know in which one of these three ways tapping is going to work for you. Until next time, happy tapping!


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