2018 Tapping World Summit: Your ULTIMATE Guide

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The 10th annual Tapping World Summit starts on Monday, February 26, 2018. The registration for Tapping World Summit 2018 will open from February 16, 2018. You can register any time after the registration opens, even after the Summit has begun.

==> Register to attend the summit (online, free)

Scroll down to access all of the pre-event videos released for the Summit.

What is the Tapping World Summit 2018?

Tapping World Summit is an absolutely free, fully online event that’s attended by 100′s of 1000′s of people each year. For 2018, the event will run for 10 consecutive days from Monday, February 26 th through Thursday, March 8th.

Just last year 600,000 people went online to attend this mega Tapping event. Each summit lasts 10 days and each of those days is packed with 100% content from top experts in the field of Tapping.

The topics covered are relevant to our everyday struggles such as weight loss, relationships, aches and pains, confidence, self-esteem, money issues and limiting beliefs.

The good thing is, you get to tap along with the experts, so you start seeing results even as you are listening and tapping along. Each presentation is available for free for 24 hours after its airing.

You can listen to it as many times as you like during that 24 hour time frame absolutely free. This 24 hour time frame also takes care of the time zone differences throughout the world.

Tapping World Summit in a Nutshell

  • All content is 100% free for the first 24 hours
  • The event lasts 10 days and is fully online
  • You get access links in the email when you register
  • Presentations are in audio format
  • Purchase options available right from the start

==> Register to attend the summit (online, free)

Why Attend the Online Tapping World Summit?


How to register for Tapping World Summit 2018 – registration link

Registration for 2018 Tapping World Summit opens on Thursday, February 15th. You can register on that day or any day after that until the end of the event. Registering before the event begins on February 27 will ensure that you don’t miss out on any presentations.

==> Register to attend the summit (online, free)

What time does Tapping World Summit 2018 start?

Every year, the Tapping Summit presentations are available from 8 P.M. EST (that’s 8 o’ clock in the evening New York time). Each subsequent day’s presentations start at 8 P.M. EST.

Each presentation is available for free for 24 hours after its airing. You can listen to it as many times as you like during that 24 hour time frame.

How to access the presentations (Where is the access link?)

The access link / URL to the presentations will be emailed to you directly by the producers of the summit. Look out for an email from Nick Ortner. This email address is the one you provided when you registered for the summit.

Free Pre-launch videos

The producers are releasing a set of pre-launch videos as part of the lead up to the 9th Annual Tapping World Summit.

First Pre-launch video with Nick Ortner: February 5, 2018

==> Watch Nick Ortner’s Video here

There was a second video in the series that was released with Dr. Lisa Rankin.

==> Watch Dr. Lisa Rankin’s video here


Second Pre-launch video with Cheryl Richardson – February 8, 2018

==> Watch Cheryl Richardson’s video here

There was a second video with Dr. Christiane Northrup.

==> Watch Dr. Christiane Northrup’s video here

3 Free Tapping Meditations with Jessica Ortner – February 12, 2018

==> Access 3 free Tapping meditations by Jessica Ortner

==> Watch Dr. Mark Hyman’s video here

Download Tapping World Summit 2018 Package

If for some reason you miss a presentation or want to go over it again you can use their upgrade option. An upgrade simply means purchasing the Summit package that comes with the audios, a manual, transcripts and value-added bonuses.

If you wish to download the Tapping Summit package, then you can surely do so. Go to the link given below and you will be able to purchase the package of your liking.  On this page if you see a registration form instead, please fill it out, it’s free, then you will be redirected to the package ordering page.

==> Download Tapping World Summit 2018 package here (or order CDs) (link will be available soon)

Each purchase comes with a 90 day 100% risk-free money back guarantee, so you have nothing to worry about. Tapping World Summit package is available as a digital download as well as on DVDs and hard copies.

  • If you miss any of the interviews during their 24 hour play periods of each day
  • If you want to be able to listen to the presentations whenever you like, wherever you like
  • If you want to be able to really work on an issue by listening and tapping along several times
  • If you want to listen to the Tapping Meditations that go along with each day
  • If you want to read the transcripts of each presentation to really have it sink in
  • If you want to do the workbook exercises that each expert created go along with their presentations

Tapping World Summit 2018 Schedule, Topics

 Calendar copyright tap-easy.com. All Rights Reserved.
Day 1
Monday, Feb 26, 2018
Nick Ortner
Purposeful Manifestation: How to Manifest What You Truly Want That Is in Alignment with Your Highest Self
Day 1
Cheryl Richardson
Boundless Living: How to Thrive and Live a Life You Love in Every Stage of Life
Day 2
Tuesday, Feb 27, 2018
Jessica Ortner
Creating Lasting Change: How to Get Unstuck and Create Change with Ease!
Day 2
Margaret Lynch
Tapping Into Your Chakras: How to Harness Their Power to Feel Grounded and Confident in Your Own Life
Day 3
Wednesday, Feb 28, 2018
Dr. Christiane Northrup
Dodging Energy Vampires: A Highly Sensitive Person’s Guide to Protecting Their Energy
Day 3
Gabby Bernstein Judgment Detox: How to Eliminate the Energetic Drain of Judgment from Your Life Force
Day 4
Thursday, Mar 1, 2018
Dr. Kim D’Eramo
The Power of Tapping to Heal Your Body: How to Reverse the Most Chronic Medical Challenges
Day 4
Kris Carr
Managing Chronic Illness: The Importance of Letting Go and Becoming the CEO of Your Own Well-Being
Day 5
Friday, Mar 2, 2018
Jon Gabriel
The Dieting Treadmill: Ending Your Frustrating Diet Cycle and Finally Losing Weight!
Day 5
Colette Baron-Reid
Weight Loss for People Who Feel Too Much
Day 6
Saturday, Mar 3, 2018
Brad Yates

Who Do You Think YOU Are? How to Make Little Shifts in Your Identity to Radically Transform Your Future
Day 6
Dr. Dawson Church
The Genie in Your Genes: How to Turn On Healing and Unlock Your Internal Superpowers
Day 7
Sunday, Mar 4, 2018
Gwenn Bonnell
Energy Supercharge: Increasing Your Energy and Vitality to Get More Out of Life
Day 7
Carol Look
Attracting Abundance: How to Use Tapping to Supercharge the Law of Attraction and Align with Success
Day 8
Monday, Mar 5, 2018
Pamela Bruner
Public Speaking Success: Claiming Your Authentic Voice in Public Presentations and Private Conversations
Day 8
Steve Wells The Pressure to Perform: How to Overcome Work Stress and Perform at the Highest Level
Day 9
Tuesday, Mar 6, 2018
Mary Ayers
When the World Feels Overwhelming: Strategies to Clear Anxiety, Worry, and Doubt
Day 9
Rick Wilkes
Clearing Clutter with Ease: How to Let Go of the Emotions, Beliefs, and STUFF that Hold You Back
Day 10
Wednesday, Mar 7, 2018
Dr. Paul Scheele
Changing Bad Habits: Transforming Those Nagging, Elusive, Ever-Present Bad Habits That Keep You Stuck
Day 10
Julie Schiffman Transforming Your Circle of Influence: How to Help Your Friends, Family, and Loved Ones with Tapping
Bonus Day
Thursday, Mar 8, 2018
Jessica Ortner
Integration Process
Bonus Day
Thursday, Mar 8, 2018
Jessica Ortner
Personal Peace Procedure

There will be 3 bonus presentations:

Day 3
Wednesday, Feb 28, 2018
Donna Eden
Advanced Energy Protection: Advanced Techniques to Protect Your Energy
Day 10
Wednesday, Mar 7, 2018
Carol Tuttle
What’s Next?: How to Make Tough Decisions and Stay Aligned with Your Greater Purpose
Bonus Day
Thursday, Mar 8, 2018
Iyanla Vanzant
Harnessing Your Power to Create and Manifest Your Hearts Desires


Please note: The producer of the summit is The Tapping Solution. This post is meant for informational and reporting purposes and contains affiliate links. For more information please contact us.

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