EFT for Weight Issues: Body Image & Self Esteem


Module 1: Negative Body Talk (Mirror Exercise)

During this tapping, we’re going to come out with our true feelings about our body. So if there is extra fat somewhere, we will be acknowledging our feelings around that. It will be emotionally uncomfortable, but tapping alongside will create a healing environment. This kind of tapping is the first step toward acceptance, healing and weight loss.

For this module, it is ideal if you could stand in front of a mirror. Clothes on or off, depending on your comfort level. Seeing your specific body parts that hold the extra weight helps bring up the emotional intensity and makes tapping more effective.

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Tapping points

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Karate chopEven though I feel ashamed and dejected because of my weight, I accept myself for feeling this way.

Even though I feel defeated every time I look in the mirror, I want to learn how to get past my own judgment of me so I can help my body better.

Even though it breaks my heart to see so much fat everywhere on my body, and it just won’t budge, still, I deeply and completely love, accept and appreciate myself.

Round 1

Eyebrow    Look at me!

Side of the eye    Look at that fat!

Under the eye    There, I’ve said it, I’m fat.

Under the nose    I don’t like what I see.

Chin    I feel ugly.

Collar bone    I don’t even recognize myself anymore.

Under the arm    I have got so used to being this out of shape person.

Top of the head    It breaks my heart to see myself looking like this.

Round 2

Eyebrow    I try so hard to be confident.

Side of the eye    One look in the mirror shatters my confidence.

Under the eye    Looking at my body fills me with shame.

Under the nose    All I see is cellulite, a lumpy, bumpy skin, and stretch marks.

Chin    This loose skin.

Collar bone    This cellulite.

Under the arm    This bulging fat.

Top of the head    This fat spills out of my clothes.

Round 3

Eyebrow    This is hopeless.

Side of the eye    It is in my genes.

Under the eye    I feel fat.

Under the nose    I am fat.

Chin    I am disgusted by all this fat.

Collar bone    I keep trying to hold it all in.

Under the arm    So much weight.

Top of the head    All this fat I have to lug around day in day out.

Round 4

Eyebrow    My chubby cheeks.

Side of the eye    My double chin.

Under the eye    My thick arms.

Under the nose    My puffy hands.

Chin    My jiggly belly.

Collar bone    These rolls of fat around my torso.

Under the arm    This fat bulges out of my sides.

Top of the head    Love handles? Who am I kidding?

Round 5

Eyebrow    These are rolls of fat.

Side of the eye    These stretch marks.

Under the eye    My ever widening waist.

Under the nose    My huge flabby butt.

Chin    My thunder thighs.

Collar bone    My poor knees.

Under the arm    My chunky calves.

Top of the head    My wide, puffy feet.

Round 6

Eyebrow    I feel fat everywhere.

Side of the eye    I feel trapped in layers of fat.

Under the eye    My body feels like a fat suit sewn on me.

Under the nose    I hate how I look with all this weight.

Chin    I’m always looking at myself through the eyes of a hater.

Collar bone    I wonder how long I should keep beating up on myself.

Under the arm    I am tired of cutting a sorry figure all the time.

Top of the head    I’m tired of insulting my body every time I look in the mirror.

Module 2: Turning Within

In this module, we will address the psychological pain of being overweight. We’re going to address our thoughts of frustration, shame, inferiority and futility around the extra weight. These debilitating thoughts are always there at the back of our minds.

Oftentimes, we go into denial, thinking that if we turn a deaf ear to such thoughts, they will go away. Actually they won’t, because they are serving a purpose by being there.

When we acknowledge that yeah, we’re willing to listen, these thoughts will become redundant and then they’ll float away. With this tapping, we are going to acknowledge such thoughts and heal the pain with simultaneous tapping.

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Download Turning Within

Tapping points

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Karate chop

Even though I cannot accept my body as it looks now, because that will mean settling for what I have been dealt, I accept myself for feeling this way.

Even though I feel trapped in this body, and I can’t seem to make any headway with weight loss, I appreciate my efforts and my will to help my body.

Even though I’m sick and tired of trying and trying to lose weight, I accept myself for feeling this way. I want to channel this frustration constructively, doing only things that will help me get healthier, leaner.

Round 1

Eyebrow    I’m stuck in the wrong body.

Side of the eye    How did I even get here?

Under the eye    It was not always this bad.

Under the nose    I wish I had received timely help.

Chin    I hate it that I have to settle for this body.

Collar bone    Being overweight is literally a burden

Under the arm    not only on my body but also on my mind.

Top of the head    I have forgotten how not to feel guilty while eating.

Round 2

Eyebrow    It looks like I’m always on a diet. Or should be.

Side of the eye    I’m tired of fussing over what I should eat and what I shouldn’t.

Under the eye    I’m tired of counting calories.

Under the nose    I’m tired of looking like I’m carrying world’s food reserves.

Chin    But I don’t want to starve myself to thinness.

Collar bone    Why should I create fake famine around me

Under the arm    when there’s enough food to go around?

Top of the head    I’m sick of this bullshit about wanting to fill an emotional void with food.

Round 3

Eyebrow    I’m tired of getting “that look” at restaurants.

Side of the eye    I feel guilty that I don’t exercise more.

Under the eye    Exercising is tiring, it feels like a punishment.

Under the nose    I hate the shapeless, baggy clothes I have to settle for.

Chin    I hate how I look sloppy no matter what I wear.

Collar bone    I hate it that I have to pay more for plus sizes.

Under the arm    I want to wear smart, sharp, fitted clothing.

Top of the head    Thoughts about my weight take up so much space in my head.

Round 4

Eyebrow    They take away precious time and attention

Side of the eye    I should be spending taking care of myself.

Under the eye    I cannot call myself happy unless this weight is gone.

Under the nose    How did I let myself get to this point?

Chin    Why didn’t I fix it sooner? Why did I let things slide?

Collar bone    It is not fair that I have been robbed of my beauty and self-esteem.

Under the arm    It’s no use trying to convince myself it is okay to be overweight.

Top of the head    I hate it that people are prejudiced against overweight people.

Round 5

Eyebrow    I can see it in their eyes.

Side of the eye    I can’t move faster because I’m carrying all this weight.

Under the eye    It’s in my genes to be fat, it is my fate to be fat.

Under the nose    It is a punishment I have to go through all my life.

Chin    For being born in a family I didn’t choose.

Collar bone    I’m so self-conscious, so guilty, so ashamed.

Under the arm    Maybe one day I can be like those skinny people

Top of the head    who float about life, with no cares about their weight.

Round 6

Eyebrow    Or what they are going to eat next.

Side of the eye    I’m sick and tired of lugging around masses of weight.

Under the eye    Even if I lose all the weight,

Under the nose    I will be left with loose skin and stretch marks.

Chin    I can’t even see myself as being thin, not in this lifetime.

Collar bone    Well maybe, if I tried real hard, but what’s the point?

Under the arm    It’s not like I’ll be on the cover of a swim suit magazine?

Top of the head    Every time I start to feel good about myself,

Round 7

Eyebrow    something happens to burst my bubble.

Side of the eye    I am forced into this modern day lifestyle,

Under the eye    That leaves me little room to fit in exercise.

Under the nose    That leaves me little room to sneak in healthy food.

Chin    That leaves me little choice but to pick up junk food.

Collar bone    Nothing short of surgery will make it go away.

Under the arm    I feel disconnected from my body because it reminds of all that is wrong with me.

Top of the head    I wonder if I could learn to tune into what is right with me.

Module 3: Social Pressure

In today’s society, there are reminders everywhere about how one should look, how much one should weigh, who is good-looking and who’s not. It is hard to deal with this social stigma. You cannot control it if people judge you because of your weight because they have been taught to think this way.

The idea of this tapping is to detach from their thoughts about your weight. And to detach from your thoughts about what others might be thinking of your weight. This will benefit you because it will free your mind to reach out to people with your best skills and talents, instead of having 50-60% of your brain power consumed with thoughts about their impression of your weight.

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Click the link below to download tap-along audio mp3
Download Social Pressure

Tapping points

EFT Tapping Pointer larger


Karate chop

Even though I feel hurt and ashamed when people judge me because of my weight, I accept myself for feeling this way. I’m only human.

Even though wherever I turn, I see reminders of how I should be thin and how I should be losing weight, I now want to turn my attention inward, where I can assess the needs of my body without judgment.

Even though this social stigma of being overweight hampers my style, and keeps me from becoming all that I can be, wouldn’t it be nice if I could look past people’s judgmental ways and be the best I can be anyway?

Round 1

Eyebrow    I want to be invisible. I want to hide.

Side of the eye    I dread being in groups, I feel like I am standing out.

Under the eye    Every time someone looks in my direction,

Under the nose    I secretly beat myself up for being out of shape.

Chin    What must they think of me?

Collar bone    Being around slim people really brings out my insecurities.

Under the arm    I remind myself to be tough and to look at my inner beauty,

Top of the head    but honestly, I’m getting tired of this “inner beauty” crap.

Round 2

Eyebrow    Why can’t I be beautiful inside and out?

Side of the eye    How do I feel good about myself when I’m feeling judged all the time?

Under the eye    Sometimes people look at me like I’m some kind of criminal.

Under the nose    People are so superficial.

Chin    God forbid I run into someone from my “thin” days.

Collar bone    Then they give me that look – What did you do to yourself?

Under the arm    I bend over backwards to help people,

Top of the head    just so that they will look past my big size

Round 3

Eyebrow    and see my little heart that beats just like theirs.

Side of the eye    They look at me like I’m only waiting to rush home

Under the eye    to lose myself in food and more food.

Under the nose    They judge me, they pity me,

Chin    they draw conclusions about me when they don’t even know me.

Collar bone    They make it look like thin people are somehow more “sincere”.

Under the arm    They think I’m lazy, I’m careless.

Top of the head    Then they think I will be careless with their affairs too.

Round 4

Eyebrow    This misjudgement of my character hits below the belt.

Side of the eye    I dread family outings,

Under the eye    I dread reunions, parties and all kind of social events

Under the nose    where I will come face to face with another person.

Chin    I worry about the diseases that could befall me as I grow older.

Collar bone    When doctors can’t find a reason for a disease,

Under the arm    they will pin it on my extra weight.

Top of the head    That’s their easy way out.

Round 5

Eyebrow    With all their research and degrees, I wonder why

Side of the eye    they haven’t found a real cure for my weight yet.

Under the eye    I’m tired of being called an apple or a pear shape.

Under the nose    I am tired of fat jokes, I’m tired of food jokes.

Chin    I get it, I get it, I need to do “something”.

Collar bone    But I wonder if I can ever be thin.

Under the arm    Being thin, I may fit into the right clothes,

Top of the head    but I will not fit into my surroundings.

Round 6

Eyebrow    Where almost everyone including me

Side of the eye    has come to expect me to be out of shape.

Under the eye    Part of me feels safe being this way.

Under the nose    I don’t have to deal with perverts.

Chin    I could go anywhere,

Collar bone    I could talk to any number of men and women,

Under the arm    completely assured that no one’s going to think I’m hitting on them.

Top of the head    They just don’t expect people like me to do something like that.

Round 7

Eyebrow    People just don’t hit on me.

Side of the eye    Although I wonder how it would be,

Under the eye    if I started to take pride in my body,

Under the nose    if I felt confident in my body,

Chin    if I could handle the right kind of attention,

Collar bone    even enjoyed it, without having to run for cover.

Under the arm    If I recognized the power in my body, and used it well.

Top of the head    Will I still want to keep it under wraps?

Module 4: Making Amends

In this module, you will talk to your body as if you were talking to a neglected child. This would be like talking to your inner child. You will give that child love, care and a voice, making the child feel safe and cared for. This analogy will work because the seeds of lifelong problems are often sown during our childhood.

It will also work if you look at the body-mind connection as a child-parent relation. We use our minds to make decisions what about what to feed our body, how to take care of it, how much exercise to give it and pretty much everything else. Mind being the parent and body being the child here.

Through this tapping we are going to acknowledge the body as an equal and having a voice. We will end the tapping with gratitude and promises.

Download mp3

Click the link below to download tap-along audio mp3
Download Making Amends

Tapping points

EFT Tapping Pointer larger


Karate chopEven though I have felt disconnected from my body, I now choose to start bonding with my body and getting to know it better.

Even though I despise my body because I’m not happy with the way it looks, and it’s not all my fault, I now choose to listen to my body and be of help to it.

Even though I often treat my body poorly, I now choose to make amends and take good care of my body.

Round 1

Eyebrow    As your weight has grown,

Side of the eye    I have cared for you less and less.

Under the eye    I abandoned you to fend for yourself.

Under the nose    I insulted you with my disgust.

Chin    I abused you with unhealthy choices.

Collar bone    I am your guardian but I have treated you worse than an orphan.

Under the arm    I have become so used to beating up on you

Top of the head    that I have forgotten how to speak to you kindly anymore.

Round 2

Eyebrow    I have forgotten how to feel grateful for what you do for me.

Side of the eye    Even though I have tried to muffle your cries for help

Under the eye    by stuffing unhealthy food and skipping exercise,

Under the nose    and just buying bigger clothes,

Chin    I now promise to listen to you first.

Collar bone    Instead of offloading my guilt on super-sized servings

Under the arm    and a hectic lifestyle,

Top of the head    I now choose to step back,

Round 3

Eyebrow    and take a hard look at what I can do to help you.

Side of the eye    Even though I said some hurtful things to you in the past

Under the eye    and I keep belittling you every now and then,

Under the nose    I now choose to make amends.

Chin    Today, I choose to open my eyes

Collar bone    to see your true power.

Under the arm    Today, I choose to open my heart

Top of the head    to feel your true beauty.

Round 4

Eyebrow    I am grateful to you, my arms, my legs, my belly.

Side of the eye    I am grateful to you, my face, my thighs, my feet.

Under the eye    Flab, double chin, stretch marks and all.

Under the nose    I have had a hard time saying “no” to unhealthy choices.

Chin    It is time to say “yes” to me now.

Collar bone    I am grateful for being alive and breathing.

Under the arm    This gratitude is washing over me.

Top of the head    It is gushing through every single cell,

Round 5

Eyebrow    healing all hurt, clearing all blocks

Side of the eye    filling up every cell with love and care.

Under the eye    I promise to cherish all my days with you, through thick and thin.

Under the nose    I promise to treat you with kindness and respect.

Chin    I love you.

Collar bone    I am sorry.

Under the arm    Please forgive me.

Top of the head    Thank you.

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Good luck!

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