Release Fear of Speaking Up for Yourself and Be Assertive Program

If you often find yourself tongue-tied when you want to speak up for yourself, it can build up anger and resentment towards yourself and others involved in the matter. How about tapping away the inhibitions to speaking up for yourself?

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Please see the EFT troubleshooting guide for information on how to get the best out of this tapping script.

The full transcript of the tapping script shown in the video:

Karate Chop

Even though something holds me back from speaking up for myself, I don’t know how to change that.

Even though oftentimes I don’t speak up for myself, and that makes me feel angry, this anger only makes me feel worse.

Even when I do speak up for myself, I feel guilty for doing so, and afraid of the repercussions. This makes me feel powerless, the opposite of how I would like to feel.

Even though my mind and body don’t support my speaking up for myself, I wish all parts of me would gear up towards reclaiming this power.

Even though I’m afraid people would not like it if I started speaking up for myself, I am tired of giving away my power to others.

Even though I’m afraid of ruining my relationships, I wish I could get my point across safely.

Round 1

Eyebrow    I’m tired of not being able to ask for what I want.

Side of the eye    I’m tired of not being able to say no

Under the eye    to what I don’t want.

Under the nose    I’m tired of letting people

Chin    speak to me in a way that upsets me.

Collar bone    Even when I do speak up, my voice has this pleading quality,

Under the arm    as if I’m begging to be heard. I’m sick of this!

Top of the head    And there are times when

Round 2

Eyebrow    I’m not even sure if it is okay to

Side of the eye    speak up for myself.

Under the eye    For fear of being wrong.

Under the nose    For fear of being shot down.

Chin    For fear of rubbing people the wrong way.

Collar bone    Even when I do speak up for myself,

Under the arm    it doesn’t work out in my favor.

Top of the head    When I speak up, only the negative gets highlighted.

Round 3

Eyebrow    I get blamed, I feel guilty.

Side of the eye    My words have no weight.

Under the eye    I’m disappointed with myself,

Under the nose    and angry too, for not acting in my best interest.

Chin    Even though I know how I

Collar bone    SHOULD behave,

Under the arm    when the time comes,

Top of the head    my body and mind fail me.

Round 4

Eyebrow    My mouth feels dry,

Side of the eye    my tongue feels like dead weight.

Under the eye    The right words simply don’t come to my mind.

Under the nose    Even if they do, they don’t come out of my throat.

Chin    I feel nervous, and tongue tied.

Collar bone    I cannot articulate when I feel cornered.

Under the arm    I mumble, I falter.

Top of the head    My throat feels choked.

Round 5

Eyebrow    My voice becomes thin and weepy.

Side of the eye    All this makes me feel like a real loser.

Under the eye    And others can sense it.

Under the nose    All this pent up anger

Chin    eventually comes out like a volcano.

Collar bone    And I turn out to be the bad person,

Under the arm    even if I actually feel like a victim all the time.

Top of the head    I’m tired of swinging between the extremes.

Round 6

Eyebrow    I’m tired of habitually deferring to others.

Side of the eye    I’m tired of eventually resorting to shouting to be heard.

Under the eye    And then there are times when,

Under the nose    I don’t even realize that

Chin    I need to speak up for myself.

Collar bone    Maybe I just don’t have it in me to figure that out.

Under the arm    But what if that knowing part of me

Top of the head    had only nodded off?

Round 7

Eyebrow    Maybe I don’t speak up because

Side of the eye    a part of me learnt early on

Under the eye    that it didn’t matter even if I stood up for myself.

Under the nose    Others around me would

Chin    disregard my wishes anyway.

Collar bone    Maybe this part of me learnt early on

Under the arm    that speaking up for myself only brought

Top of the head    trouble and punishment.

Round 8

Eyebrow    Maybe this part of me was afraid of making

Side of the eye    others angry and losing their affection.

Under the eye    It was my survival mechanism at that time

Under the nose    and it may have worked for me then.

Chin    But I’m now smart enough,

Collar bone    and responsible enough,

Under the arm    and disappointed enough

Top of the head    to want to change this behavior.

Round 9

Eyebrow    This part of me was only trying

Side of the eye    to protect me all this time.

Under the eye    But now I’m letting this part of me know

Under the nose    that I’m reclaiming my power and so

Chin    it doesn’t need to hold me back.

Collar bone    Waking up this assertive part of me from

Under the arm    its deep, long forgotten slumber.

Top of the head    Nudging it gently to its full power. I need it!

Round 10

Eyebrow    Boy, this is going to make a lot of people unhappy.

Side of the eye    Maybe they will try to get even with me.

Under the eye    Or they’ll abandon me.

Under the nose    I am afraid to fall out of favor with these people.

Chin    I’m afraid what repercussions

Collar bone    my newly reclaimed assertiveness will bring.

Under the arm    But if there are people around me

Top of the head    who will accept me only if I were a doormat,

Round 11

Eyebrow    then do I really want their conditional acceptance?

Side of the eye    What if this fear was baseless?

Under the eye    What if they could be pleasantly surprised

Under the nose    to see me standing up for myself, finally?

Chin    It’s worth taking a shot.

Collar bone    Who will stand by me if I won’t, first?

Under the arm    There may be people who will not feel

Top of the head    comfortable around the “new” me,

Round 12

Eyebrow    but they’ll come around to it.

Side of the eye    Or not, but that’s okay.

Under the eye    Maybe in the past I have associated

Under the nose    assertiveness with aggression.

Chin    By standing up for myself, by speaking up,

Collar bone    I’m not condoning aggressiveness,

Under the arm    which is a whole different ballgame.

Top of the head    What if I could speak my truth

Round 13

Eyebrow    while being comfortable and tactful?

Side of the eye    While I now empower myself to speak up,

Under the eye    it also doesn’t mean that I misuse this power,

Under the nose    to abuse others or be aggressive.

Chin    I can also display my assertiveness

Collar bone    by keeping quiet when needed

Under the arm    and still make myself heard.

Top of the head    Speaking up does not mean that I resort

Round 14

Eyebrow    to being hostile or sarcastic.

Side of the eye    That also does not mean that I am

Under the eye    a mean person for saying “no”.

Under the nose    That only means I’m being honest with myself.

Chin    While I choose to stand up for myself,

Collar bone    I also let others be who they are.

Under the arm    If I am giving out wrong signals knowingly

Top of the head    or unknowingly, telling others that

Round 15

Eyebrow    I’m willing to be walked all over,

Side of the eye    I choose to stop that right now.

Under the eye    Starting now, I choose to project

Under the nose    a confident body language.

Chin    Clearing out this lump in my throat,

Collar bone    clearing out this fear in my stomach,

Under the arm    that rises all the way up to my throat,

Top of the head    Clearing this fear all the way up to my throat.

Round 16

Eyebrow    Removing this invisible barrier

Side of the eye    that holds me back from speaking my mind.

Under the eye    I’m relaxing my shoulders, and my face.

Under the nose    Freeing my tongue to speak my truth.

Chin    Remembering that I can be polite

Collar bone    without sounding like I’m begging or whining.

Under the arm    Clearing this doubt about

Top of the head    not deserving to be heard,

Round 17

Eyebrow    from every fiber of my being.

Side of the eye    It is safe to say what I want to say.

Under the eye    I am becoming more comfortable

Under the nose    with the idea of saying it as it is.

Chin    From now on, speaking up for myself

Collar bone    comes naturally to me.

Under the arm    I choose to speak tactfully and fearlessly.

Top of the head    And I choose to be calm and confident while doing so.

After this, you may notice yourself becoming more confident and open to expressing your views and needs. You may also notice that you don’t really worry about others’ reactions all that much. If a lot of negativity has accumulated over this issue, tap through the script again with a few different focus incidents where you had to keep yourself from speaking up. With that, all the emotions trapped in such incidents should be released.

See the EFT troubleshooting guide for information on how to get the best out of this tapping script.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at I would also love to hear how your tapping is progressing and how I can be of help to you.

Good luck!

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