Here’s the Skinny on the Skinny Genes Program with Brittany Watkins (EFT Tapping for Weight Loss)

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Brittany Watkins Skinny Genes EFT Universe

Brittany Watkins Skinny Genes Program

Today EFT Universe announced the launch of the phenomenal new EFT weight loss program, Skinny Genes. It’s been long in coming, and finally, it’s here!

Dawson Church of EFT Universe is releasing the EFT weight loss program in association with Brittany Watkins, the founder of Skinny Genes.

Brittany Watkins is a certified EFT INT-I practitioner, an expert on emotional eating, a Master in NeuroLinguistic Programming, and a Certified Energy Coach.

The Skinny Genes program begins with Brittany Watkins sharing her fantastic new “Kick Your Cravings to the Curb” tapping exercise and case study. That is the first video. There is also a pdf printable EFT tapping script for chocolate cravings. There is no reason why you can’t use the tapping script for other cravings as well.

As part of the Skinny Genes launch they are going to be giving away 3 free EFT tapping for weight loss videos with Brittany Watkins.

    1. Tap along with Brittany Watkins to eliminate unhealthy food cravings
Brittany Watkins Skinny Genes Tapping Weight Loss Cravings

Tapping with Brittany Watkins to curb cravings for unhealthy foods

  1. weight loss self sabotage
  2. emotional binges

Dawson Church of EFT Universe explains how EFT tapping works for weight loss – “EFT actually shifts your hormones and gene expression to support a healthy weight. Even if you’ve failed with other weight loss programs – even EFT weight loss programs – you’ll love Skinny Genes. It’s based on the best science, the best programs from EFT experts, and the best practices of Clinical EFT.”

As a former binge eater and candy addict, Brittany now teaches you how to use EFT to find your own “root causes” so you can finally break free from the diet binge cycle and to feel amazing about your body and your life.

Brittany Watkins’ approach to weight loss is to help people uncover the underlying emotional drivers which cause them to crave certain foods. She can teach you how to apply certain techniques to quickly and effortlessly eliminate the cravings and emotional eating.

Don’t miss the free Skinny Genes videos. If your goal is weight control, these videos are going to be worth their weight in gold.

Tapping with Brittany Watkins for cravings video >>

Here’s a full-length EFT tapping script for cravings and emotional/compulsive eating

Also check out my temporal tapping technique video to curb cravings when you are out and about in public.

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  1. Tim Canale at 6:49 am #

    I still am unable to see how to join the 6 week program, even after watching the teleconference tonite.pleaee advise. Thanks

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