[Review] Stop Feeling Lazy: How To Break The Procrastination Cycle Once & For All And Excel

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Stop Feeling Lazy: How To Break The Procrastination Cycle Once & For All And Excel

Stop Feeling Lazy: the book by Carol Look

This week Carol Look’s brand new book debuted on Amazon with an all-round applause and ratings shooting through the roof. The book is called Stop Feeling Lazy: How To Break The Procrastination Cycle Once & For All And Excel.

There’s just one thing.

It doesn’t read like a self-help book.

Instead, it feels like a long, comforting phone call with a friend who knows your mind so well, it’s scary. You don’t need to say anything, they know how you feel. This book pulls you in and keeps you reading.

All the better for us procrastinators who only need a reason to put a book down and not pick it up again because it didn’t interest us enough (or so we tell ourselves).

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What’s inside Stop Feeling Lazy

As you curl up with the book, the first chapter humorously points out all the little places in your home and life that scream procrastination. That gives you a clear picture of the expanse of procrastination in your life.

The second chapter talks about the price you are paying for procrastination – Carol lays out real-life scenarios where procrastination can cost you time, money and peace of mind.

So much for the downsides of procrastination. In the third chapter, you get in touch with the “upsides”. This is where this book is different from other books on procrastination. Instead of trying to shame you into eliminating procrastination, it makes you take a compassionate view of why you are procrastinating in the first place. You’ll discover what is it underneath all the blank screens, the dirty laundry, the unpaid bills and the looming deadlines that makes you want to delay things until it is too late.

It gets better in chapter 4 where you come face to face with the 4 reasons that cause you to procrastinate. I’m not going to spoil the suspense for you by listing them here, but suffice it to say that you’re going to have more than one aha moments as you go through the list.

At this point, you may think, “Okay I know everything about my own procrastination. Now what?”. And while this realization may tempt you to put the book down, don’t, because the meat of the book lies in chapters 5 and 6 that will teach you a revolutionary technique that can totally transform the way you look at life – yes, we’re talking about EFT or as it is fashionably called – Tapping.

Chapter 7 is where you get down to business and start tapping. Step-by-step, done-for-you tapping rounds leave you no choice but to tap on your procrastination triggers right there. This was my favourite chapter. Chapter 8 is homework (what!!).

Download Stop Feeling Lazy: How To Break The Procrastination Cycle Once & For All & Excel

The lazy bum’s guide to reading Stop Feeling Lazy

But you will only benefit if you read it first. So let’s see, if you were to buckle down and finish reading it in a single afternoon, what would you need to sacrifice? No more than 81 minutes, it turns out. Plus 2 dollars and change. (Digital version comes at $2.99)

Good things come in small packages. Truer words were never spoken. 81 pages to be covered. Time spent per page – 1 minute. So you need about 1 and 1/2 hour to read through it.

I’d say Stop Being Lazy … is an easy read. I could read through it in a matter of 1 and a 1/2 hours.

There are 2 hidden gems in this book:

  1. A bonus audio (40 minutes): Free Procrastination Eliminating Coaching Call Recording.
  2. Actual Tapping rounds that make quick work of dissolving procrastination triggers. These are powerful because you can apply them to any situation where you find yourself procrastinating. Read the book once, but reuse the Tapping rounds many times.

Order from Amazon Stop Feeling Lazy: How To Break The Procrastination Cycle Once & For All & Excel

My thoughts

For me personally, this book has been a wake-up call. There were so many instances in the book that totally nailed the way I think, the way I procrastinate, why I procrastinate and how I can eliminate procrastination. I have a feeling many people are going to feel this way. That’s because the way this book is written makes you feel like it was written just for you.

Now who is this book not for? This book is not for you if you are not even willing to question and correct the very reasons that cause you to procrastinate. Of course, if you tap along to the tapping rounds given in the book, you will benefit immediately, but you do have to read the book first. If nothing else, you will at least get clear about the reasons for your personal procrastination so you can do something about them.

I think this book will help you if:

  • you are experiencing a creative block (e.g. writer’s block)
  • you routinely postpone important tasks that should be done
  • you find that you are busy all the time, but achieve little

All in all, it is not one of those airy-fairy self-help books that talk about how things “should-be” without giving you any specific pointers. From the start, the book gets right down to business, talking not in “self-development” language, but the language we use on a daily basis. Many accounts are written in the first person, which make you understand where the author is coming from. Then you apply the same things in your life.

Get the paperback or Kindle download Stop Feeling Lazy: How To Break The Procrastination Cycle Once & For All & Excel

The biggest strength of this book is that it is coming from someone who has suffered from procrastination and has successfully conquered it to become one of the most successful people in their field (increasing income by 700 % counts, yes?)

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