Free Online Course: EFT Tapping for Weight Loss

Does Tapping for weight loss work? Or is it all in the mind?

It works because it is all in the mind.

When I first came across Tapping, I went crazy tapping on all kinds of emotional issues. Without realizing, within 3 months, I lost 7 kilos (that’s over 15 pounds) of my weight!

I had been stuck with my old weight for 7-8 years. So this change was sudden, but welcome.

Although I did not start out with weight loss in mind, somewhere, releasing pent up negative emotions released the extra, unnecessary weight. I kind of like my new avatar.

I have retained my new weight since then (over 7 years now), while still eating all the same things, and having a baby in between. I lost all the pregnancy weight easily. That was a surprise since I had been stuck with my old weight stubbornly for years before I came across Tapping.

EFT for weight loss

Not only I, many other people have successfully used Tapping to lose weight and keep it off. If you want to lose just those pesky few extra pounds or much more than that, Tapping can help you.

You may be thinking – I’ve tried everything, my case is different, this won’t work for me, well, you’ll never know unless you try. With EFT, there’s nothing to lose but weight.

In this free 6-part weight loss course, we will address some of the underlying emotional causes that stand in the way of your ideal weight.

EFT for Weight Loss: Lesson Plan

Lesson 1: This is a webinar component of the course that covers the science behind weight loss with EFT.  Make sure to listen through it because you will come away with important information that will stay with you even after the extra weight is gone.

Lesson 2: This lesson is a bit unconventional. It will enable you to be a bit more forgiving of yourself for giving in to cravings, so you can get back on track, minus the guilt and shame.

Lesson 3: The goal of this lesson is to bring up your specific limiting beliefs around the extra weight. And to develop a hopeful attitude towards achieving your ideal weight.

Lesson 4: This lesson is about training ourselves to detach from the scarcity mentality that food provokes. We will also learn to identify false hunger triggers that lead to overeating.

Lesson 5: This lesson will help you zero in on your main stress trigger that keeps you from losing weight. Includes a secret trick you can use in public without anyone noticing.

Lesson 6: In this 6th and final lesson, we will focus on how our need for nurturing affects our weight.

How to sign up for the free course

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