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Sonal Pandey

Hi, I’m Sonal Pandey.

My Story

My journey with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) began many years ago. Searching for self-help methods that could help me deal with day-to-day stress effectively, I came across this funny-looking technique.

I tried the “tapping” as they called it, and found immense relief with so many kinds of problems that I was soon hooked.

I realized that EFT not only worked to alleviate daily stress, but also helped to resolve subconscious mental blocks acquired from one’s childhood and traumas.

Like many others, I find it difficult to shrug off emotional upsets. EFT helps me amazingly well to remain stress-free.

I’ve used EFT tapping to get rid of debilitating fears, self-sabotaging thought patterns, constant worrying, anxiety and painful memories.

I’ve seen some very positive changes happen almost miraculously by the use of EFT. I’m not saying EFT is a cure-all, but tapping does work very well. It’s been working well for millions of people around the world.

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Why Tap Easy?

The power of EFT lies in how closely we can access our feelings about an issue. We use reminder phrases or statements as we tap, in order to access the deepest aspects of a problem. Believe me, it is much easier than it sounds.

This could become even easier if we could tap along to a ready set of statements (a program) that closely matched our emotional state. On this blog, I write full length EFT scripts on stress, worry, dealing with people, fear and numerous other topics.

So if something has been bothering you, you can select a script addressing that issue and tap along to it.

Here’s an example: Using EFT to deal with people who constantly criticize you.

This is not to say that you need these scripts for EFT to work, but they can make the job of using EFT much easier. I use these scripts myself all the time.

I also share tips and personal stories about EFT through my posts and videos frequently.

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Happy tapping!

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